Why we started?

We just really wanted to make art to express ourselfs in a silent and diffrent wave. We like basic clothes, but don't like to be basic.. haha lol. And we realised  that we aren't the only one who feel this way, so we started also doing it for other people. It gives us a rush to give people their moment of feeling one of a kind, basicly.


What does Rollings mean?

Rollings means "makings". We make our own designs and we do our own work by hand to really get the feel of the makings. It is also a proud name in our Family.


What do we stand for?

We stand for ourselfs. And everybody who stands for themselfs. People who do what they want and who get what they want. Our vision is to give someone the feeling of feeling free to be him/her self in ther own fashion, own way, own world. We believe that every person is unique and also should be treated like that. We do not make designs in wide ranges because we want our work to be specific instead a design of mass production. We choose quality over quantity.